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Channel Battles - Luftwaffe (ENG)

Channel Battles - Luftwaffe (ENG)

by Desastersoft
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15 November 2014

for "IL2 - Sturmovik - Cliffs of Dover"


Product description

6 variations of Campaigns about 1. Staffel/Jagdgeschwader "Schlageter" 26 and 1. Staffel /Zerstörergeschwader "Horst Wessel" 26.

Zerstörergeschwader Horst Wessel Destroyer Campaign 1./ZG26 – Career – Guided and Historical (Bf–110 C-4 and Bf-110 C-7).

A. Career Campaign – 124 Missions Directly from the training you go to the Horst Wessel Squadron and you are assigned to the 1st Squadron. Now your adventure begins! You have to win your laurels. First of all follow your sqadron, get in with, and see what happens during the flight. With your personal success you gain promotion in the Sqadron until advance to the position of a sqadron captain at last. Its all on you and your abilities! From June 22th 1940 until December 30th 1940 you are at the front and in the line of dute almost every day! You will experience routine-flights as well as historical missions.
B. Guided Campaign – 124 Missions In this campaign you will also start as a nobody. The Horst Wessel Squadron is considered as Görings favourite squadron - an elite unit. You can be damned lucky to be part of this band of brothers. In more than 100 mission you can give proove of your skills! You whitness the Battle of England almost day by day and you are promoted in certain intervals until you assume the leadership of the squadron. From then on the reinforcement-option will be available for you. You will pass though historical as well as routine-mission in this huge campaign!
C. Historical Campaign – 82 Missions As a flying officer (Oberleutnant) you will report in the leader position of the 1st Staffel of the Horst Wessel Squadron! Reinforcements are when provided available for you. You can call them according to the traitional practice. This campaign will lead you through the most important missions of the 1st Squadron. Your home base is Yvrench north of Abbeville. From there you will also relocate to other airfields to enter the arena!

Jagdgeschwader Schlageter Fightercampaign 1./JG26 "Adlerstaffel" – Career – Guided and Historical (Bf-109 E1, Bf-109 E3, Bf-109 E4).

A. Career Campaign – 152 Missions From the flying school to the front from the frying pan into the fire so you enter Schlageter Geschwader! Yout thirst for action honoures you. But can you prevail against the strong competition of the established fighterpilots of your sqadron? The number of your kills, your medals and promotions will decide on it! How quick can you become captain of the Adlerstaffel? Fly with deliberation, be careful! From June 22th 1940 to December 31st 1940 you are in the call of duty almost every day! According to your success you will climb up the career ladder. Starting as a "Number 8" it's your purpose to become squadron captain! To go from beeing an airman to the captain!
B. Guided Campaign – 152 Missions It's a rough job being the rooky of the 1st Squadron! But it becomes even rougher. You are assigned the very last and outdatet boneshaker-plane! While all others planes are of the finest state of the art, you will buzz around in an obsolete Bf-109 E1! Apparently they don't take you for serious, don't they? There is no other reason, why they let you fly on the eldest jalopy! But time will tell! You are in action every day and soon you will become leader of a "Rotte", a "Schwarm" or finally the whole "Staffel"!
C. Historical Campaign – 82 Missions The "Adlerstaffel" of the "Schlageter Geschwader" was in the line of duty from July 17th untill December 31th for 82 days. You assume the leadership of the squadron in the rank of Oberleutnant (Flying Officer). Your home base is Audambert at the Pas de Calais from where you fly your first missions against the "Tommys". Pass through the missions of the Adlerstaffel and become their best pilot and commander!


Promotion in the Squadron
Here you start in the according career at the last position of the squadron. Your task is to gain promotion as quick as possible up to position 1 the squadron leader. You can reach this only by success in missions, kills, medals and promotions. The higher the difficulty level, the rather you reach the squadron leader position. Your position in the squadron is shown via in-game text every beginning of a mission. According to your rank you climb up in the hierarchic until you reach number one!

Reworked Desastersoft Game and Career System with many new features and additional options! Medals, promotions and evaluations of your personal achievements.

Manual with many explanations and details (PDF). Airfield Manual of Airfields in Use (PDF). 6 Maps of Your Combat Areas (PDF).

System requirements

System Requirements / Suggestion
Quad-Core Processor with at least 4 x 2,6 GHz (Optimum: Intel i5 or i7 or comparable Athlon Processors), 8GB DDR2 RAM (Optimum: 12GB DDR3 in Tripple Channel Mode), GeForce GTX Grafics Card with 1.792MB DDR5 RAM or comparable ATi Grafics Card (Optimum: GeForce 580 or 680 GTX or ATi 7970), Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection, Windows XP, Vista or 7, and IL2 Sturmovik – Cliffs of Dover. We strongly suggest using a HOTAS joystick system, rudder pedals and Track IR 4 or 5.

Your system must be up-to-date with the latest developments in Windows and Windows components. Likewise the latest graphics card and sound card drivers must be on hand. Otherwise the performance of your system will be limited. We recommend shutting down all applications such as virus scanning, image editing, etc. before starting of IL2 Sturmovik - Cliffs of Dover
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