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Fighter Aces! Adolf Galland - The Expert! Jagdgeschwader 26 in the Battle of Britain 1940 (ENG)

by Desastersoft
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6 December 2012

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for "IL2 - Sturmovik - Cliffs of Dover"


Product description

He was one of the best fighter pilots of World War 2. His trademark were the cigars and he was well-known among friend and foe alike. He led one of the most famous german fighter units, Jagdgeschwader 26 "Schlageter" and shot down 45 enemy aircraft as Gruppenkommandeur and Kommodore in 1940. Adolf Galland, General of the Fighters, air combat expert, a man who wanted to become the new Richthofen and who was pushed into the role of the new Boelke. Experience heated air combat with Spitfires, Hurricanes and Blenheims!

"Fighter Aces! Adolf Galland - The Expert" -1940 / Bf 109 E4

You're taking the place of one of the most colourful fighter pilots since Manfred von Richthofen: Adolf Galland! Replay his spectacular fighter missions during the Battle of Britain, beginning with his posting to III. Gruppe / Jagdgeschwader 26 "Schlageter" in the waning days of the Battle of France. Galland scored 45 victories in 1940 – Can you do that, too? 36 captivating missions await you. In this campaign most waypoints are predefined. But you still have to fly, leaving things to the autopilot won't give you success. You are in a position of command, first as Gruppenkommandeur and later as Geschwaderkommodore. You will have squadrons to command, usually two of them.

7. Staffel/Jagdgeschwader 26 "Schlageter" – The Battle of Britain

You're taking command of 7. Staffel / Jagdgeschwader 26 "Schlageter" in a breathtaking campaign during the "Battle of Britain" which will take you higher up to command of a full Gruppe. This campaign will tax you, almost everything depends on your leadership skills. You will lead formations, call for reinforcements and later, as Gruppenkommandeur, for bombers, fighter-bombers or Stukas. Become Adolf Galland's worthy successor.

This campaign requires independent action. Some waypoints are predefined but mostly you will need to do most things (like navigation) manually. You'll mostly fly with several Staffeln, one of which provides top cover, and later, as Gruppenkommandeur, you'll have the full Gruppe to command and lead. The fighters will follow you, you can call for reinforcements or unleash bombers, fighter-bombers or Stukas on specific targets.

No. 303 Squadron – Poles are fighting for England's victory – Hurricane I (ROTOL) and Spitfire IIa

Take command of the famous polish No. 303 Squadron during the Battle of Britain! Despite her late appearance on the front the Squadron became the most successful fighter squadron of the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain. Between August 31 and November 11 1940 the unit was credited with roundabout 140 kills. Operating from Northolt you'll engage the "Krauts".

But you're not just responsible for your own squadron – you'll act as Wing Commander! Your Wing consists usually consists of 3 Squadrons with up to 36 aircraft. One Squadron is with you, a second provides top cover and the third remains on standby.

Kampfgeschwader 53 "Legion Condor" – The Battle of Britain 1940 – Heinkel 111 H-2

You'll fly as leader of II. Gruppe / Kampfgeschwader 53 "Legion Condor". You'll be responsible for leading your unit to the target, spot it and initiate the attack. Both day and night missions will show you the kind of stress real bomber crews had to endure in 1940. You need to utilize the "Knickebein" radio beam system to get to the right target at night. Identify your assigned target and give the order to attack. But watch out for british fighters so make sure you don't miss your fighter cover.


  • Completely new gameplay elements with thousands of random events and chance encounters!
  • 4 brand-new campaigns: replay Adolf Galland's career in the Battle of Britain, lead a Staffel of Jagdgeschwader 26 "Schlageter", fly with the polish fighter pilots of No. 303 Squadron and, for the first time, a bomber career with II. Gruppe / Kampfgeschwader 53 "Legion Condor" for Cliffs of Dover!
  • Contains course calculator as PDF
  • 6 printable Maps of Combat Areas
  • Manual with many explanations and details
  • Hundreds of exciting flight hours and missions await you! Breathtaking air battles, scrambles directly into approaching enemy formations, bomber escorts and bomber missions! Historical campaigns depicting the experiences of a pilot of the "Legion Condor" Geschwader based on meticulous and dedtailed research!
  • 90 aircraft textures for Adolf Galland and other aircraft of Jagdgeschwader 26 "Schlageter"
  • Reworked Desastersoft Game and Career System with many new features and additional options! Medals, promotions and evaluations of your personal achievements!

System requirements

Minimal System Requirements (Low):
  • Dual-Core processor with 2x3 GHz
  • 4 GB DDR 2 RAM
  • Grafics Card with at least 896MB DDR 3 RAM
  • Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection, Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • IL2 Sturmovik – Cliffs of Dover

Recommended System Requirements:
  • Quad-Core processor with at least 4x2,6 GHZ (Optimum: Intel i5 or i7 or equivalent Athlon processors)
  • 8GB DDR 2 RAM (Optimum: 12GB DD3 in Tripple Channel Mode)
  • GeForce GTX Grafics Card with 1792MB DDR 5 RAM or equivalent ATi Grafics Card (Optimum: GeForce 580 or 680 GTX or equivalent ATi 7970)
  • Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection, Windows 7/64 Bit
  • IL2 Sturmovik – Cliffs of Dover

We strongly suggest using a HOTAS joystick system, rudder pedals and Track IR 4 or 5.
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